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One of about four languages with the same name, this particular D is an object-oriented language created by Walter Bright of Digital Mars.

An announcement – February 2012

For the last few years I have been using D1, but endeavouring to make my libraries compatible with D2 as well.  However, this is now difficult because the differences between D1 and D2 have become more and more.  Following an announcement that D1 is to be discontinued at the end of the year and a brief newsgroup discussion, I have decided to migrate my D programming resources to D2 only.  This will make maintenance easier, and enable better use of D2's power.

Meanwhile, the code here is geared towards D1.  Over the coming months, I plan to release the new D2 versions of my libraries.  The D1 versions will remain available for download, but no further development of these is expected to take place.

Update: Stewart's Utility Library 0.10, for D2, has now been released.

TextPad syntax file

I have created a TextPad syntax definition file for D.  It highlights all D keywords, as well as names of Windows API functions and SDWF classes.  (I probably ought to finish putting in the Phobos classes and functions soon....)



Code filter for Doxygen

Doxygen is a documentation tool that has been used by some D programmers (myself included, if you haven't figured this out already).  Unfortunately its support for D is still at an early stage of development, and so it is likely to make a mess of anything that uses any but the most basic of D features and notations.  Dfilter is a utility to turn D code files into something that Doxygen can mostly make sense of.  It's the work of at least three people; does anyone still have any idea who the original author was?

This version is geared towards Doxygen 1.4.2.


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Sorting algorithm benchmark

This little utility tests and times a variety of sorting algorithms on random, sorted and reversed data.

Command line options are:

number of lists of each length to sort (default 64)
number of times to repeat sorted/reversed sort (default 32)
output a CSV file of the results as sortbench.csv
output a CSV file of the results


SDWF - Stewart's D Windows Framework

This is a simple framework for the programming of Windows applications.

Stewart's Utility Library

This is a small collection of utility modules.

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