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One of about four languages with the same name, this particular D is an object-oriented language created by Walter Bright of Digital Mars.

An announcement – November 2021

There hasn't been much activity here lately, but these projects are not abandoned.  Rather, they have taken a back seat because of work and other commitments.

I am hopeful that I will find time to work on these again in the near future.

TextPad syntax file

I have created a TextPad syntax definition file for D.  It highlights all D keywords, as well as names of Windows API functions and SDWF classes.  (I probably ought to finish putting in the Phobos classes and functions soon....)



Code filter for Doxygen

Doxygen is a documentation tool that has been used by some D programmers (myself included, if you haven't figured this out already).  Unfortunately its support for D is still at an early stage of development, and so it is likely to make a mess of anything that uses any but the most basic of D features and notations.  Dfilter is a utility to turn D code files into something that Doxygen can mostly make sense of.  It's the work of at least three people; does anyone still have any idea who the original author was?

This version is geared towards Doxygen 1.4.2.


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Sorting algorithm benchmark

This little utility tests and times a variety of sorting algorithms on random, sorted and reversed data.

Command line options are:

number of lists of each length to sort (default 64)
number of times to repeat sorted/reversed sort (default 32)
output a CSV file of the results as sortbench.csv
output a CSV file of the results


SDWF – Stewart's D Windows Framework

This is a simple framework for the programming of Windows applications.

Stewart's Utility Library

This is a small collection of utility modules.

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