SDWF - Stewart's D Windows Framework
Version 0.61

What is SDWF?

SDWF is a simple framework for the programming of Microsoft Windows applications, inspired in part by Borland's ObjectWindows Library (OWL).  It is a thin layer over the Windows API, rather than a higher-level GUI library hoping to be cross-platform.

SDWF is currently at an alpha stage of development.

Using SDWF

In order to write Windows applications using SDWF, you should have the following:


Current version

Version 0.61 imlements the following changes from 0.60:



The SDWF page on Wiki4D is the official bug/wish list for SDWF, but see also Future directions.

You can also post queries or suggestions on the Digital Mars D newsgroup (web interface).  If your post has SDWF in the subject line, chances are I'll find it.

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